Session 1 DocsTeach

  1. DocsTeach and the Common Core
  2. & the Common Core Standards

Session 2 Original Records at the National Archives at Atlanta

  1. Record Group Descriptions
  2. Sample of Original Sources from NARA Atlanta
         Part I
         Part II
         Part III
         Part IV

Session 3 Civic Strategies

  1. Riot at Alabama Dry Dock
  2. Which One is Rosa Parks?

Session 4 The Long Civil Rights Movement

  1. The Long Civil Rights Movement Powerpoint
  2. From the Roots of a Tree: MLK Genealogy
  3. Primary Sources: Long Civil Rights Movement
         Part I: Emanicpation Proclaimation
         Part II: Miscellaneous Documents
         Part III: Miscellaneous Documents
         Part IV: Miscellaneous Documents
         Part V: South Carolina School District Number 22
         Part VI: George Elmore vs Clay Rice, et al
         Part VII: Charleston Division - Civil Action No. 2657
         Part VIII: Harry Brigss, Jr., et al vs. R.W. Elliott, et al
         Part IX: Miscellaneous documents
         Part X: U.S. vs U.S. Klans, et al
         Part XI: Hosea Williams et al vs Honorable George C. Wallace
         Part XII: Relating to Martin Luther King, Jr.