The Southern Home Front During World War II

presentation from the symposium to the World War II by Nathan Jordan, Archive Specialist

  1. We'll Document Our Boys (PDF Version)
  2. We'll Document Our Boys (PowerPoint version)

Civil Rights

  1. RG 142. Records of the Tennessee Valley Authority
    Inventory of Personnel Correspondence
    Download the PDF file
  2. RG 211. Records of the War Manpower Commission
    Minority Discrimination Case Files
    Download an Excel Spreadsheet

Defense and Preparedness

  1. RG 92. Records of the Quartermaster General
  2. RG 156. Records of the Office of the Chief or Ordnance
    Download a PDF File
  3. RG 181. Records of Naval Districts and Shore Establishments

Labor and Industry

  1. RG 211. Records of the War Manpower Commission

Science and Technology

  1. Atomic Energy Commission and the Secret City of Oak Ridge (PDF File)


  1. RG 30. Records of the Bureau of Public Roads
    Defense Access Highway Projects 1941-1951
    Download an Excel spreadsheet
  2. RG 219. Office of the Director – Office of the General Counsel, 1942-1946