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RG 326 - Atomic Energy Commission, Insurance Files

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Insurance Files, 1948-1965
National Archives Identifier 6213032
Contained in these records are insurance policy files for Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) contractors, including Mallinckrodt Chemical Works, H. K. Ferguson Company, and Oak Ridge Institute of Nuclear Science (ORINS). Policy files detail liability coverage and premiums for staff, facilities, and automobiles. Information regarding workers compensation is also present. The ORINS file documents issues such as medical malpractice and clinical activities, including patient treatment and autopsy. Correspondence is present to and from the Oak Ridge Division of Research, Oak Ridge Insurance Branch, AEC Insurance Section, and Office of the Comptroller in Washington, DC. Correspondence subjects include insurance coverage and premiums, public liability, worker's compensation, and levels of needed coverage. These records appear to be fragments of a larger collection that existed at one time.

Old Box New Box Folder Title Category Decimal
H-193-12 1 Reports - Consolidated 1948-49 Medicine, Health, & Safety 16-8
H-193-12 1 Montly Progress Reports 1948-1950
H-193-12 1 Conference Memoranda re: T.E.C. (1946) Budget, Accounting, & Finance 12
H-193-12 1 Weekly termination reports through 1950
H-193-12 1 General (1950) Budget, Accounting, & Finance 12
H-193-12 1 Fercleve Correspondence
H-193-12 1 Oak Ridge Hospital vouchers for service rendered to federal employees
H-193-12 1 Non-statutory medical correspodence - Roane-Anderson
H-193-12 1 Non-statutory medical correspodence - J. A. Jones Construction
H-193-12 1 Reports - Consolidated Accident Medicine, Health, & Safety 16-18
H-193-12 1 Monthly Report of Claims Personnel 8
H-193-6 2 Beverly B. Powell
H-193-6 2 Harry Betts
H-193-6 2 Jim Collins
H-193-6 2 Ronald R. Sutherland
H-193-6 2 E. Westervelt
H-193-6 2 Crown, A. Alexander
H-193-6 2 Fontanarosa, Gino L.
H-193-6 2 Record (New Proceedure on classified documents)
H-193-6 2 Codes
H-193-6 3 Shoomaker, John R.
H-193-6 3 Injury Reports 1946-1948
H-193-6 3 Miscellaneous Reports on injuries sustained by AEC employees which were not filed in individual folders
H-193-6 3 Release of medical records Medicine, Health, & Safety 10-7
H-193-6 3 BAF 12 Codes
H-193-6 3 Inquiries and Information Personnel 2-6
H-193-6 3 Codes Correspondence 1
A-61-8 4 Oak Ridge Institute of Nuclear Studies - Automobile liability policy
A-61-8 4 Oak Ridge Institute of Nuclear Studies - Policies and correspondence
A-61-8 4 Management services INC., of Tennessee Contract no. AT-(40-1)-1325 - Correspodence and policies
A-61-8 4 Management services, INC. Machinery and Boiler policy
A-61-8 5 Mallinckrodt Contract No. W-14-108-Eng-8
A-61-8 5 Insurance - Peter Kiewit Sons' Co. Contract AT-40-1-1400
A-61-8 5 Mallinckrodt Self insurance
A-61-8 5 H. K. Ferguson Company - Insurance file